No one can deny how aptly Bangalore has been called the country's IT hub. There are no large IT companies that do not have an office in Bangalore.

Lately we have seen a tremendous population shift to Bangalore. Especially people who are curious about further training in the IT sector, or people who are interested in working in the IT sector.

The IT corridor for Bangalore is just the icing on the cake. In addition to Bangalore's already existing luxurious reputation, Bangalore is fast becoming one of the preferred cities for IT education and work.

With world class options to choose from, Bangalore is fast becoming a preferred city for IT training and work. Bangalore. On either side of the freeway are two of the city's major IT hubs: one is Electronic City and the other is Whitefield.

Both locations are home to some of the largest IT companies, which is why these locations are preferred by different groups of the population. Sarjapur is roughly the same distance from both places. Being at the center of these two IT hubs has played an important role in making Sarjapur the new focus of attention for many builders and investors.

While the city is still under construction, once completed it will certainly be one of the most livable places in central Bangalore. Because of the IT corridor, the amount of amenities these builders offer is not only so far, but they are skillfully equipped to serve residents at the end of the day.

The futuristic perspective was very important when designing the Sarjapur Road area. You need to be willing to consider all aspects, including not just residential real estate, Sarjapur Road is also a favorite for building many recreational and social infrastructures.

Due to the promising future, shopping centers, restaurants etc. are opening branches within the city.There are also many housing options within the place like Ahad Serenity etc. After the event the city becomes a place to look and live.